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Another, 3 years on..'Revenge'

Lily held her wand out in front of her, her green eyes flashing dangerously as she beheld the man in front of her. She had seen him three times before, and each time he looked less human and more monstrous. The last time she had seen him had been his foiled attempt on their lives, and she had been waiting years to pay him back.

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A little ficlet....'Complications'

James paced up and down outside the room where he could still hear Lily groaning. He couldn't understand why he had been asked to leave and he was worried, so worried. It hadn't been like this with Harry. His forehead was creased, his eyes showed his anguish and he covered his face with his hands every time he heard his wife cry out. It was instinct to go straight to her, to alleviate her pain, and it hurt, almost physically, not to answer her cry.

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The Sorting Hat Song 1970

I'm guessing 1970 was first year in Hogwarts for the Marauders...that means they left in 1977, one year later James and Lily married (1978) another year later Lily falls pregnant (1979) and then 9 months later Harry is born (1980). Just a guess though. Anyways! I wrote a Sorting Hat Song for the fic that we talked about and will hopefully still write. Sorry I was away for so long earlier, I got caught up doing things. Hope you like this!

Sorting Hat Song 1970
"What do you see before you
When you look at me?
Do you see a shabby hat?
As dirty as can be?
Looks can be decieving,
I'm smarter than I look
I'll place you where you need to be
I don't go by the book
Should you be in Hufflepuff
Where lie the loyal breed
Hardworking, honest, true at heart
Can YOU live by this creed?
Or should you lie in Ravenclaw,
Where dwell a studious breed,
With clever academic minds,
Is it here you'll sow your seed?
And then comes brilliant Slytherin,
Where power is the aim
Use your wit to gain your prize,
Do you fit in this game?
Or are you braver than the rest,
In this last, but not least of four
If courage lies within your heart
You belong in Gryffindor.
Now heed my words, for though they rhyme,
A message lies inside
Which house should you be placed in?
THAT is for me to decide."
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A normal day at The Burrow.

Little bit of a fic, written because I suddenly developed a whole lot of Weasley muses after watching Chamber of Secrets. Not the best thing I've ever written, but a bit of fun with the young Weasley kids. Bill is 11, Charlie 9, Percy 5, Twins 3 and Ron 1. Harry is 1, and Ginny is about four months old. Read on!

Sirius stayed as quiet as he could, holding baby Harry tightly to his chest, making sure he didn't make a sound. Although he was sure he couldn't be seen, his heart was still beating loudly in his chest, so loudly, in fact, that he was sure he would be found and then it would all be over. He let his breath out slowly, before it caught in his throat as he heard a floor board creak and the muffled movement of someone not wanting to be heard. The noises came nearer and just as Sirius was contemplating making a break for it, the curtain was pulled back, leaving him and one year old Harry exposed.

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Parenthood: The Beginning

Location: Potters' House
Year: About a week or two after Harry's birth
Season: Summer time; August
Characters Involved: James, Lily, Baby Harry, possibly the other Marauders
Situation: The trials and tribulations of being first-time parents.

James had taken to fatherhood like a fish takes to trombone lessons. He loved Harry more than he ever thought it possible to love another human being, but he couldn't help but have the distinct impression that Harry would stop at nothing until James was a broken heap on their doorstep. Yes, he was perfectly aware that Harry was just a baby, but babies were capable of far more than James had ever given them credit for.

Lily, James was convinced, had taken to motherhood as nature intended, and he would be lying if he said he wasn't atrociously jealous. In actuality, it might not have been quite as clear cut as James was seeing it, but he was so obsessed with his own failures that he was incapable of seeing any of Lily's.

Now he sat nearly defeated upon their couch, lamenting to his friends, who were stopping in occasionally (James was thoroughly convinced they were in it purely for the entertainment value, and they may have even had bets going, although that would be entirely Sirius' fault) to see how the new parents were holding up and to visit the newest addition to the Potter household.

"I'm not going to make it. I'm not. I haven't so long. He hates me. Wants me dead; I just know it."
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The first story line post!

Location: Potters House and the Hospital
Year: Two years after they left school
Season: Summer time; July
Characters Involved: Peter, Lily, James, Sirius, Remus and various doctors and nurses
Situation: No one is home at the Potters, they are all at the hospital.

The sun was setting over the Potters house, but there was no one home. Peter stood outside the door, a confused expression on his face. It was very rare that there was no one at the small house James and Lily had made their own, and when something was happening, he was usually involved or at least told about it at the last minute. But the house was empty, the lights were all off, which was strange in and of itself. Lily always insisted on leaving at least one light on to fool would be burglars that there was someone inside.

Peter looked around him, hoping to find some sort of answer in the surrounding houses, but all was quiet. The car was gone, which again, was quite strange. If they were going anywhere, why had they taken the muggle mode of transport that they had aquired to keep up appearances? Why not just apparate?

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