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Scruffy Mess

Yes, we are.

Jaide and Kirsty
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This community is the writing journal, RP journal, and general collective awesomeness journal of Jaide and Kirsty. It is Harry Potter oriented, specifically Marauders Era. It is also friends only, and closed to invitation. Therefore, there's nothing to see here unless you are Jaide or Kirsty. However, we might eventually make some public posts; we'll see how it goes. This info is temporary filler until something better comes along.


We are awesome. That is all.

~ Kirsty

Of course, if you knew me at all, you would know that that is not all. That is never all. I, or rather, we tend to suffer from a rather incurable strain of verbal diarrhea. TMI? Tough. Because you...well, you are either Jaide, or Kirsty. So if you are Kirsty, you wrote this, and should just get over it. And if you are Jaide, well then you should be more than used to my inane ramblings and should also just get over it.
Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes. Scruffy Mess. Our lovely community, that we have all to ourselves, to keep forever and ever. Perhaps one day it will have little community babies for us to keep and care for also, who knows? (Please Mr Postman...that's all I'm saying.) But before we begin, we must introduce ourselves. One of us is a crazy Scottish girl, obsessed with Harry Potter, Pirates and anything that holds her attention long enough to spark an interest. (Read: Shiny things.) The other is a crazy American girl, obsessed with Harry Potter and Pirates (and Firefly, but we won't go there) and who longs to be British. Which is which? Who is whom? I shall leave that up to you to decide. Again, only Kirsty or Jaide will be here, so it shouldn't be too hard. Did I also mention one of us is blonde? ;)

Our main characters, insofar as we play/use them are Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, James Potter, Lily Evans and Peter Pettigrew. They are a heck of a lot of fun, they make us laugh a lot and frequently take over whatever conversation myself and my compatriot may be trying to have. But we don't mind. Their poncing about keeps us amused, as I stated before, and so it is a fair trade, we feel.

I digress. Our first plan was to have a sort of storybook type of community, using an AU we thought up, in a reality where James and Lily never died and so are around for wee Harry as he grows up. This has evolved and turned into and generally become a sort of Scrapbook idea, where we post RP and snipets of ficlets from throughout the marauders time at school and the few years afterwards. We may eventually branch out and turn this into a steady, serious storyline rp, but that is for the future and this is now.
And now is more fun as a scrapbook.

dabria is Lily Evans, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew, specifically. She is quite the looney and enjoys her haggis.

mahkia is Remus Lupin, and James Potter, specifically. She is also quite the looney and enjoys the Taco Bell half an hour from her house.

Both ladies are prone to sudden outbursts of Rather Epic Proportions in which they TYPE IN ALL CAPS (although they both know that rather than hit the Caps Lock they just hold down Shift for the duration of the outburst). They are both Timeless Beauties and shameless pacifists, and they cure their emotional diarrhea by writing, fangirling, and general arpy activity.

Party on, Kirsty. Party on, Jaide.

my pet!

my pet!