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Another, 3 years on..'Revenge'

Lily held her wand out in front of her, her green eyes flashing dangerously as she beheld the man in front of her. She had seen him three times before, and each time he looked less human and more monstrous. The last time she had seen him had been his foiled attempt on their lives, and she had been waiting years to pay him back.

He looked smaller, somehow, less powerful. She didn't want to underestimate him and so she kept her wand up and her mind alert. However, she was starting to believe the rumours that something had happened that night, something no one could explain, that was draining his powers, making him less than he was. However, looking at him she could still see the mad glint in his eye, she could still feel the power emanating from him. He would still be a threat, should she turn her back on him.

Which, of course, she would never do. Harry was inside the house, and she would die before she let this monster anywhere near her son. James stood to her side, and Remus and Sirius behind them, and Peter inside with six year old Harry, just in case He somehow managed to break through their defences.

She could feel the anger boiling inside her, the rage that she normally pushed down but now let come out to the surface. The anger and hurt over losing her daughter, the need for revenge for something that she was sure was this wizards fault. Being forced to fight battles while pregnant had surely had something to do with what had happened to Ellie and Lily was damn sure she would get this bugger back, if only to avenge her daughter.

These thoughts sped through her mind in seconds, the anger simmering at the surface, ready to be unleashed at the opportune moment.

Voldemort stood before them, madness in his eyes, his wretched mouth stretched into some semblance of a grin. His wand arm was raised and as he pointed it at them, both Lily and James shouted curses at him before he had the chance to speak. Lily stole a glance at her husband and saw the same fire in his eyes that she felt in her heart. She knew he felt the same.

James watched as Voldemort reeled, his jaw clenched and his wand ready to lash out at the monster again. He knew it was only a matter of time before the deatheaters came to their masters rescue, and so, after returning Lily's glance and nod, pointing his wand at the now standing Dark Lord and shouted along with his wife.


They held their wands steady as Voldemort writhed in pain on the ground, his own wand dropped at his feet. Both watched him, their eyes dry, their jaws clenched, their arms steady. They could hear Voldemort's scream inside their head, his subconscious crying out minutes before he allowed his voice to react. He finally screamed out loud, trying desperately to grasp his own wand, to curse the Potters, to do something to alleviate the pain coursing through his body.

Remus and Sirius rushed to where Lily and James were standing over the Dark Lord, the anger in their eyes almost sparking. They didn't look at either of their friends, not even when Remus called their names, they kept their concentration focused on exacting revenge on Voldemort. They knew they weren't strong enough to kill him, though both gladly would if they could, but at the moment, causing him as much pain as he had caused them was more than enough.

Sirius was starting to get worried. He had only ever seen that look in James' face once, when Voldemort had tried to attack Harry, and it had scared him then. To know that his friend was capable of such violence was a little disconcerting, even though he knew he would do the same if any of his friends were threatened. He stood to the side, not watching Voldemort, but watching James and Lily instead. For once he wasn't sure what to do, and he looked to Remus for a solution.

Remus didn't notice Sirius look at him, his attention was elsewhere. He had noticed, though the Potters had not, that deatheaters were starting to appear out of the fog, and each one had a wand raised, coming towards them. He raised his own wand, blasting the first one before he had a chance to curse any of them. He kept going, blasting all that he could, and Sirius joined in, but they couldn't keep it up for long.

"Hold them off, I'll get James and Lils" he said to Sirius, slightly out of breath. He ran over to his friends, who were both still focused on Voldemort. He tried to get their attention, but it wasn't until he shoved James practically into Lily that they snapped out of whatever it was that was holding them. They blinked, the curse stopped, and looked at Remus as though seeing him for the first time. He grabbed their arms, blasting a death eater coming behind them and shoved them in the direction of the house. Harry was inside, with Peter, a protective barrier around the house that only they could pass. It wasn't Godrics Hollow of course, they had left there when Harry was just a year old. This was an inbetween house, something to through Voldemort and his minions off the scent.

Lily ran in and grabbed her son, apparating almost immediately to their own, safe, house. Sirius came soon after, followed by Remus. They waited and watched for James, Lily's eyes starting to show her fear as a minute passed and then another. It seemed surreal, in the quiet surroundings of their country home, to have just come out of yet another battle with Voldemort. But where was James?

Sirius apparated back to the in between house, his eyes searching the place for his best friend. He noticed him outside the house, and ran out to see what was wrong. He stopped short at the scene before him.

James was standing, a semi circle of deatheaters not quite moving towards him, but almost surrounding him. They had stopped moving because of the fury and speed of the curses coming from James' mouth and mind, having mastered inaudible curses years ago. The words coming out of his mouth were chilling to Sirius' ears.


It took Sirius a few moments to react, but he eventually did, grabbing James arm, pulling him into the house and apparating from there so that the deatheaters could not follow. There was still protection on the house, and if they bothered to pursue, it would take them at least a few hours to break through, only to find an empty house waiting for them. There would be no trace of where the Potters might have gone.

Back in the Potters house, James collapsed to the ground, tears in his eyes and his hands scorched. He was breathing heavily and his heart was beating rapidly. Lily handed the 6 year old Harry to Remus and knelt down beside her husband, cradling his head on her knee. He had no strength to sit up, and he didn't need to. Lily had him safe, she knew what he was feeling, she was there for him. She stroked his head, pushing his wet hair back from his skin, as Remus and Sirius took Harry upstairs. This had been their life for so long, but tonight, something had changed. Something had been let out of them and neither of them felt the same. From now it would be different, they were sure of it.
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