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A little ficlet....'Complications'

James paced up and down outside the room where he could still hear Lily groaning. He couldn't understand why he had been asked to leave and he was worried, so worried. It hadn't been like this with Harry. His forehead was creased, his eyes showed his anguish and he covered his face with his hands every time he heard his wife cry out. It was instinct to go straight to her, to alleviate her pain, and it hurt, almost physically, not to answer her cry.

Lily was in the delivery room, her face contorted in pain as she half sat, half lay on the bed. The baby was coming, she could feel it, but something was wrong. Even if she hadn't read it in the eyes of the nurses tending her, she would have known. She could feel it inside her. She cared little for herself, but she hoped the baby was ok. It had to be ok.

James stopped his pacing as soon as he realised that Lily was now quiet. Something felt wrong. He walked over to the door at the same time as the doctor came out, pulling his gloves from his hands.

"Mr Potter, I'm sorry to.."

He didn't get a chance to finish as James pushed past him into the room, his eyes full of fear, his heart beating faster than he thought possible. He breathed a sigh of relief as he saw Lily sitting up against cushions in the bed, holding a tiny child in a profusion of blankets. Lily looked exhausted, her body seemingly tiny in the giant hospital robe she had been given.

He walked over to the bed, but stopped short, a confused look in his eyes, his mind for once being unable to supply him with the information he needed.

"Lils..?" he croaked, a question that he already knew the answer to. Lily looked up at him, tears on her cheeks, her beautiful green eyes so full of pain and sadness that it hurt him to look.

"She's so beautiful" Lily whispered, trying unsuccessfully to swallow the hard lump in her throat. She looked back down at their daughter, lying in her arms, a shock of black hair across her forehead and tiny hands curled tightly.

James took a step towards them, his mind refusing to go where he knew it needed to. At last, he reacted, his legs falling from underneath him and his face crumpling as he kneeled next to the bed, his face on Lily's arm, his body wracked with sobs, as his hand rested on the arm of their beautiful stillborn daughter.
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