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The Sorting Hat Song 1970

I'm guessing 1970 was first year in Hogwarts for the Marauders...that means they left in 1977, one year later James and Lily married (1978) another year later Lily falls pregnant (1979) and then 9 months later Harry is born (1980). Just a guess though. Anyways! I wrote a Sorting Hat Song for the fic that we talked about and will hopefully still write. Sorry I was away for so long earlier, I got caught up doing things. Hope you like this!

Sorting Hat Song 1970
"What do you see before you
When you look at me?
Do you see a shabby hat?
As dirty as can be?
Looks can be decieving,
I'm smarter than I look
I'll place you where you need to be
I don't go by the book
Should you be in Hufflepuff
Where lie the loyal breed
Hardworking, honest, true at heart
Can YOU live by this creed?
Or should you lie in Ravenclaw,
Where dwell a studious breed,
With clever academic minds,
Is it here you'll sow your seed?
And then comes brilliant Slytherin,
Where power is the aim
Use your wit to gain your prize,
Do you fit in this game?
Or are you braver than the rest,
In this last, but not least of four
If courage lies within your heart
You belong in Gryffindor.
Now heed my words, for though they rhyme,
A message lies inside
Which house should you be placed in?
THAT is for me to decide."
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